Horton Hears a Who

‎Horton Hears a Who!
‎Horton Hears a Who!
Developer: Oceanhouse Media
Price: $3.99
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  • ‎Horton Hears a Who! Screenshot
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  • ‎Horton Hears a Who! Screenshot

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Why we like it

In this Dr. Seuss classic, Horton shows us the importance of being brave and standing up for others, even when it’s difficult. It’s a valuable lesson for everyone, no matter how old. Horton Hears a Who, is an award-winning educational book app. Beginning readers can practice reading, spelling, and phonics though engaging activities and fun suprises. Designed in alignment with kindergarten English Language Arts (ELA) standards, this classic is bound to be a must-have book on your digital book shelf. More about this app!

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Dr. Seuss’ Horton Hears a Who

The best-selling Dr. Seuss classic “Horton Hears a Who!” comes to life with playful interactivity, delightful animations and fun activities!

Horton is back! After his first appearance in “Horton Hatches the Egg”, everyone’s favorite elephant returns in this timeless, moving, and comical classic in which we discover that “a person’s a person, no matter how small.” Thanks to the irrepressible rhymes and eye-catching illustrations, young readers will learn kindness and perseverance (as well as the importance of a good “Yopp”) from the very determined—and very endearing—Horton the elephant.

– Delightful animations on every page
– Tap and drag to find playful surprises throughout the book
– Find hidden stars on every page to reveal fun activities
– Read with highlighted narration in Read To Me, explore in Read It Myself, or enjoy Auto Play
– Explore new vocabulary by tapping words and pictures
– Track minutes spent reading, pages read, and more in the Parents section

– Play ten different mini-games like Memory Match, Jigsaw Puzzle, Word Search, Sequence, and more!
– Find all 31 unique games hidden throughout the book
– Enjoy activities again and again, directly from the main menu
– Try to beat your high score and best time

*** KidSAFE Listed ***
*** Children’s Technology Review Editor’s Choice Award Winner ***

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  1. ~~ G I V E A W A Y ~~

    Horton Hears a Who

    1. Leave a comment telling us
    your device (Android or iPad/iPhone/iPod only)
    why you’d like a code

    2. We’ll email you a code (while supplies last)
    3. Redeem, download, & enjoy!


    1. I would love an iPad code to use this app in therapy to target literacy, thanks

    2. I will be using this with my special needs students using iPads. The students enjoy these wonderful stories and it helps some of them to calm down when they are able to read and enjoy books.

    3. I would like an iPad code to use this app in speech therapy. Thank you!

      1. My daughter loves this story and is excited to teach her younger cousins to read using this app

    4. I would love to have this app to used with my speech and Lang delayed children. Ipad

  2. Who doesn’t love this classic?! I would love to use this iPad app during my speech and language therapy sessions with my students. Thank you for providing these wonderful apps!

  3. Would love to have a code for an Apple device. Will use this app during my speech and language therapy sessions.

  4. I would love an ipad code for my speech therapy kids! I could also use it with my son during reading time :) thanks

  5. An Apple product code if possible to speech and language work with my students. Thank you

  6. *Ipad user* I can use this app to address speech-language goals related to social perspectives, vocabulary, and comprehension.

  7. I would love this app for my iPad. I would use it during my teletherapy sessions. I am a speech therapist, and this book would be great for my entire caseload!

    1. I would use this app with my speech and language kiddos. Would love a code for iPad

  8. I would so appreciate a code for an ipad. These apps have been a hit with my students and my LO so I’m looking forward to this one as well. Thank you so much!

  9. I have an Apple device. I would use this app for my children and my speech kids! Thank you!

  10. My boy loves Horton (Dr. Seuss in general)! He loves reading the book. As much as I don’t like too much screen time, I know he’d be super excited for this version!

    An Apple code please if possible! Thanks :)

  11. We have iPads.

    Would like this to make learning fun and support their speech therapy. TIA!

  12. I am an SLP using an Ipad. Would love a code to use this app with my students. Thank you

  13. Hello. I would love an ipad code. Hopefully I’m not too late this time. My kids would be delighted.
    Thank you

  14. This is always a favourite with the kids in my therapy sessions. Would love a code for my iPad. Thanks for conducting these giveaways!

  15. I would like Android app code.my kids would love to read Dr sucess books for practiceing English.thank you

  16. Hi I would love to be able to grab a code. I have an Apple device and I’m a speech pathologist working with indigenous children in an early intervention setting.

  17. I have an Android device and I would love a code because I have 5 kids who absolutely love Dr Seuss and this is one of the FEW books we don’t own, and they’ve only seen the movie of it.

  18. I have an Android and would love a code for my 2 kids. We like Dr. Seuss as an early readers

  19. I have android devices and I would love a code so I can share this with my 5 children and have fun with it

  20. Who who needs this app? I do I do!! For my own children and my children at school- well online school! Please please!

    Ps Apple device

  21. iPad app…This is a favorite memory from childhood and I would love to share the book with my students in digital form.

  22. I am using an Android pad, and would like to introduce phoincs to my son by using this app , thank you

  23. Would love to add this to our small but growing collection of Seuss apps. Love that we can read this with a traditional book and then enhance the experience With the iPad app.
    Apple please and thank you

  24. I would like this app to have for my speech and language students. Thank you

  25. I have an Apple device. I would love to use this with my speech and language students. I also would like to use this with my preschool and ASD students. They would love this!!

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