Our Printable & Digital Download Policies

About our Digital Downloads:

Digital downloads are virtual files that can can be downloaded and printed, nothing will be mailed to you. Digital downloads are for personal only. You may not edit the file, share the file, resell the file, modify it in anyway, or rebrand it. The copyright is held by the artist, designer, or babadoodle.com.

What you can do:

  • Download 2 times and print it out for personal use unlimited times
  • Print it out once to give as a gift (as is)
  • Send a link to the page unlimited times

Frequently Asked Questions

Many of these FAQ’s may seem obvious and repetitive, but we find that being clear makes everything simpler. If you have any questions about our policy please reach out :)

  • How many times can I print the to-do list, planner, coloring page?
    You can print downloaded files an unlimited amount of times for personal use. So if you want to print your to-do list 365 times for the whole year, you can. But you can’t print it out 100 times and give it to a friend, employee, or co-worker. Again, you can share a link to the page.
  • I belong to a Facebook group, can I share the file with the group?
    Please share the link to the page, not the file.
  • It’s a free file, why can’t I share it?
    Even if a printable is cost-free, it is not copyright free. The copyright remains with the artist, designer or Babadoodle.com. You may not share the file, but you may share a link to the page.
  • Can I use put the image on a tshirt, mug, or other gift?
    No. Currently, none of our images are available for commercial use or for use on other products (even gifts). Unless the file is listed for commercial use, you may not put it on any product other than printing on paper/card. If you would like to purchase or license the image, please contact us.

We are always happy to support our educators! If you would like to use our printables and digital downloads for class projects, please contact us. We love to hear how we are helping educators and how we can better help. Following are our general guidelines for educators, teachers, and schools:

  • I am a teacher or other educator, can I print or share this with the students in my class?
    Yes, you may share a file with the students in your class, but we prefer you share the link. If you do share the file or use the printable in class, please contact us. We always like to hear how we are helping educators and how we can better help.
  • I am a teacher or other educator, can I print or share the file with other teachers, educators, departments, or the school district?
    Please share the link, not the file. For larger projects or work with school departments and/or districts, please contact us.