Interactive Minds: Solar System

[Platform: iPad] The perfect way for kids to experience the Solar System in a hands-on way! This interactive science book contains 58 pages and is filled with images, videos, and interactive simulations.

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‎Interactive Minds Solar System
‎Interactive Minds Solar System
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  • ‎Interactive Minds Solar System Screenshot
  • ‎Interactive Minds Solar System Screenshot
  • ‎Interactive Minds Solar System Screenshot
  • ‎Interactive Minds Solar System Screenshot
  • ‎Interactive Minds Solar System Screenshot
  • ‎Interactive Minds Solar System Screenshot
  • ‎Interactive Minds Solar System Screenshot
  • ‎Interactive Minds Solar System Screenshot
  • ‎Interactive Minds Solar System Screenshot

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About Interactive Minds: Solar System

The perfect way for kids to experience the Solar System in a hands-on way! This interactive science book contains a select 18 pages from the full version of the app.


Even as an adult, it can be difficult to visualize just how massive the Sun is or how fast the different planets orbit the Sun. This app uses interactive simulations to allow children to explore these hard to visualize topics in a hands-on way.

•••• Size Comparison ••••

This page allows children to compare the sizes of many Solar System objects. Comparable objects include the Sun, the planets, major moons, and all the dwarf planets.

•••• Planetary Revolutions ••••

The planets are shown orbiting the Sun at their comparative speeds. Selecting Neptune reveals it takes 164.8 Earth years to orbit the Sun once while the inner planets seem to orbit the Sun at a dizzying speed. Select Mercury, with a year of 88 Earth days, and the outer planets barely seem to move at all.


• The Milky Way galaxy

• The Sun

• A list of the planets

• A list of the dwarf planets

• Planetary size comparisons

• Planet orbital speeds

• The history of space exploration


• Easy to use page navigation and search

• NO ads

• NO in-app purchases


For a more in depth look at the Solar System, consider buying the full version. The full version contains 58 pages of content!

•••• Parents ••••

The full version of the app is sure to captivate any child with its myriad of interesting facts, striking visuals, and engaging 3D simulations. Not only is the content fascinating to explore, it’s educational too! Designed with grade school curriculum in mind, the app covers the major topics of the Solar System while explaining concepts in an easy to understand manner.

•••• Teachers ••••

Many schools with iPads in the classroom have already used the full version of the app with great success. The interactive content is well suited for teaching complex topics such as planetary seasons and the vast distances of the Solar System. Children can explore this information independently or with the aid of a teacher.

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    Interactive Minds: Solar System (iPad only)

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    1. My daughter loves all things astronomy! This app would encourage her love for learning more about our Solar System. Appreciate if we could get a code! Thank you :)

      1. We would love a code. Our science topic has been astronomy. My kids were supposed to write a paper but we can’t go to the library now.

    2. My son wants to be a astronaut and was asking me to teach him this would be perfect

  2. My little homeschooler will love this app! She loves learning about the Milky Way galaxy and space exploration. Interactive media helps children learn in an interesting and fun way. Thanks for developing the app :) would love a code so my LO can share the learning with her cousins when they get together. Thanks

  3. We love all things space!! Would be a great addition to our studies!! May the Fourth be with you!

  4. I homeschool two kids and they both love outer space! We would love to get a code so they can continue exploring the stars 😁

  5. My daughter is a reluctant learning but with the recent sky activity and talk of the meteor shower she’s shown great interest in learning more and I’m struggling to access much. Very interested if any available. Thank you.

  6. I have two young Ham Radio Operators both looking to the stars and space and would love more knowledge and exploration opportunities!

  7. Great looking app I could use with younger children, visuals to show how planets rotate etc help explanations make sense.

  8. My son loves the solar system and he loves stargazing at night. He would love this app.

  9. My kids love learning about the solar system especially through apps. Thanks

  10. My daughter, who has non-verbal autism, has expressed repeated interest in the subject of space to her teacher and assistants this year. It would be great to have this resource to share with her.

  11. My son has learned about the planets and this would really help me teach him more about our solar system

  12. I homeschool and would love to use this app for my kiddos! Anything interactive is helpful to keep them interested. They love space so I know they’d have fun with this app! :)

  13. Hello my daughter loves space and she will be happy to have the app to know more about it.

  14. Want my daughter to learn about solar system in details.

    Does it work on iPhone? If yes plz send me code

  15. My daughter loves to learn about Space. She has a huge interest in learning more about black holes and hopes to do an astronomy project for her science fair next year.

  16. I have an almost 8 year old and 10 year old who are very interested in planets and the solar system. This would be a great app for them!

  17. I have an Apple device. I would love to use this with my speech and language students. I also would like to use this with my preschool and ASD students. Especially because most of the time when I see them is when they are in science. Thank you!

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