Insecta: Explore the World of Insects

Why we like it

This natural science app includes 20 stunning images of insects, which can be viewed in 3D and AR (augmented reality). Plus, you can learn about each bug with info from Wikipedia. Perfect for people of all ages who love bugs! Learn more about this app

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About Insecta: Explore the World of Insects

Explore the colorful world of insects with Insecta, this app helps you to learn about insects like never before. Insecta is an informative, interactive tool for the next time you’re working on a project, presentation, or simply want to satisfy your curiosity about the insects.

From the collection, tap on an insect to view detailed infographics, and information, or view it in 3D or AR. You can share your favorite insects with a beautiful frame with your friends.

The app’s amazing AR experience enhances users’ learning experience too. Choose from more than twenty insects from the collection and, in the blink of an eye, you’ll find one of those creepy creatures hanging out right by your desk. If your friends don’t believe you, take a picture and send it to them.

The app comes with multiple languages. Also, Insecta includes Siri shortcut just ask Siri to show insects information randomly by saying “Hey Siri, show me an insect”.

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