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Dr. Seuss’ Green Eggs and Ham

[Platform: iOS, Android] The Dr. Seuss classic, Green Eggs and Ham, comes to life in this award-winning educational book app. Beginning readers can practice reading, spelling, and phonics though engaging activities and fun suprises. Designed in alignment with kindergarten English Language Ars (ELA) standards, this classic is bound to be a must-have book on your digital book shelf.

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This app giveaway is offered by Oceanhouse Media for the Tech4Good: Home School Project.

About Dr. Seuss’ Green Eggs and Ham

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About the app

The best-selling, classic book “Green Eggs and Ham” comes to life with playful interactivity, delightful animations and learning activities!

*** Parents’ Choice – Gold Award Winner ***
*** Academic’s Choice “Smart Choice Media” Award Winner ***
*** Best New Apps – Apple ***
*** KidSAFE Listed ***

– Tap, drag, and tilt your device to find playful surprises throughout the book
– Practice spelling, phonics, rhyming, and reading comprehension in new Learning Activities
– Read along with highlighting narration, read it yourself, or enjoy auto play
– Explore new vocabulary by tapping words and pictures
– Track minutes spent reading, pages read, and more in the Parents section

– Hidden stars on every page reveal fun Learning Activities
– Developed in collaboration with early literacy experts
– Designed specifically for beginning readers
– Aligned with kindergarten level English Language Arts (ELA) standards
– Enjoy activities again and again, right from the main menu!


Free rhyming word activity (printable pdf)

Free rhyming word activity (printable pdf)

Based on the book Green Eggs & Ham, this printable rhyming game lets kids practice reading, word matching, and phonics, plus fine motor skills through coloring & cutting.

51 replies on “Dr. Seuss’ Green Eggs and Ham”

Dr. Seuss’ Green Eggs and Ham
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I would love to have an iPad app of Green Eggs and Ham to work with my students during speech and language therapy sessions. It will be perfect for my k-12 caseload!

I would love to have an iPad app of Green Eggs and Ham to work with my students during speech and language therapy sessions. It will be perfect for my k-12 caseload!

I just looked at this post again and realized it posted twice. Sorry! Alex and Alexander are both me. I had issues posting the first one. So, I switched browsers and did it again.

I would love a copy in order to work on literacy goals and provide more engaging activities for my speech kiddos! Thanks

I love using interactive books with my students. It helps keep them engaged. I have a special affinity for Green Eggs and Ham because I had this back when it was Living Books on CD rom in the 90s, and it was one of my favorite games! I think its awesome its an app now.

Will be a CF at a school district. I love incorporating literacy and a lot of language stimulation. Would love to get a copy of this app for therapy. <3

Hello! I adore Dr.Seuss and would love to incorporate this app into my speech therapy sessions!

I would love a code please, I have a 4yo son with CAS and would love to use this app with him :) thank you!

It’s one of my daughter’s favourite books, and now she is starting to properly read in her own, she would love to read it on this app.

I would love this app as a fun way to work on phonics and reading on Apple format if any available please.

This book is great for use with core vocabulary with students using AAC, and for vocabulary development in early language learners

We love Dr. Seuss! Green Eggs and Ham is great for teaching speech and language :) My daughter likes this classic and everything Dr. Seuss. Would love to get a code :)

I am using an Android pad, and would like to introduce phoincs to my son by using this app , thank you

Would love this app as a fun way to work with phonics and reading on apple format if possible please.

I would love a code for my iPad to work on using phonics during my speech and language therapy sessions!

This is probably my son’s favorite book. I’m hoping my daughter will love it too. We would love to get a code. The app looks amazing.

I would love to have Green Eggs and Ham on the iPad to use with my Speech students, especially for distance learning to add an interactive feature to the lesson.

I tutor young special needs students in reading, and I LOVE ocean house media apps! Having this book in my collection would be a huge plus! Thanks!

Hi – I work with preschool aged kids of indigenous background and would love to have this as a resource to keep them engaged in particular during this period of isolation. I’m interested in the iphone/ipad option. Many thanks!

Green Eggs and Ham is my sons favorite book. I think we have read it so many times he’s has it memorized.

I am an SLP and I would love this app for my preschoolers. It would be very engaging to use on my iPad.

I would like to apply for a code. I home educate my youngest son and I can see this app being really good for him.I have an android device.

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