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[Platform: iOS] Special Spelling helps learners of all abilities gain confidence with spelling. Created with an emphasis on supporting children with special educational needs, Special Spelling is accessible, simple and distraction-free.

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About Special Spelling

‎Special Spelling
‎Special Spelling
Price: $19.99
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More about Special Spelling

Help children to become confident at spelling with a range of activities to teach spelling patterns, letter sounds, understanding vowels and much more. Turn screen time into a fun learning experience with Special Spelling, an app that is adaptable to all abilities and individual learning needs. 

Practice spelling at home or at school with this invaluable app for visual learners. It allows you to create your own fully personalized spelling lists that can be tailored to the curriculum to help children achieve their educational milestones.

Areas of development 
• Improve spelling and develop vocabulary 
• Teach spelling patterns, vowels and letter sounds
• Encourage listening skills and sound production
• Improve speaking skills
• Increase sight-word reading
• Develop hand-eye coordination 
• Improve fine motor skills

Personalize to Suit Abilities 
• Add your own text, photos and audio to bring learning to life
• Replace words and re-record audio to use the app any language
• Create multiple spelling lists tailored to children’s learning needs and curriculum work
• Adjustable settings to suit abilities and concentration levels
• Option to use spoken letter names or letter sounds
• Choice of native spoken voices: female (US), male, female and child (UK)
• Optional text and/or image hints 

Share Your Spelling Lists
• Copy content to and from the app on another device
• Exchange spelling lists using AirDrop, Wi-Fi, cloud storage or email 
• Transfer content to and from our Special Words app to reinforce learning 

Accessible for All
• Support for those with poor fine-motor skills – even if tap more than once or unable to precisely position objects
• Choice of fonts in upper or lowercase letters – particularly for those with visual impairment or dyslexia
• Perfect to use at home, school, in speech or occupational therapy sessions, and for home schooling 

Reviews from Parents and Professionals
“My daughter is very new to spelling, having taken a whole word reading approach so far rather than phonics and having a significant visual impairment – we have noticed that she only looks at the first letters of words. Special Spelling is worth its weight in gold as we try to introduce her to the world of spelling and looking beyond the first letters.” 
Andrea, Parent and Speech & Language Therapist

“At first I thought it would be beyond my daughter as she only recognizes a few letters but her ability to match the letters after I’d customized the levels in the settings has made this one of her favourite apps to date.” 
Suzie, Parent

Why Our Apps Are Different
• Visually clear and simple, with no distracting backgrounds or noises
• Tested and recommended by Down syndrome and ASD experts and organizations around the world
• No in-app purchases, pop-up ads or user tracking
• Developed in collaboration with parents, speech and language therapist, and teachers of children with special educational needs as well as typically developing children

Part of the Special iApps Family
Special iApps is a multi-award-winning non-profit social enterprise with a worldwide reputation for creating educational apps for those with learning disabilities and additional needs, as well as in preschool education. They initially created apps to teach their youngest son William, who has Down syndrome and autism, now they support children internationally.

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    1. This could be great for my students needing spelling practice and serve as a motivator since it seems like a game.

      1. This looks like a fun app to use with my phonemic activities in speech therapy. I’d love a code please. Thanks!

  1. Hi, I’m an SLP from Portugal and would love the opportunity to explore your app with my kids :)

  2. This app is great! I would love it to work on spelling skills with my children who are homeschooled.

  3. Always enjoy working on correct spelling of words while working on speech goals! An iPad app would be wonderful!

  4. I am a speech-language pathologist. I work in a therapeutic day school within a low income community. I am constantly on the look out for ANYTHING that will help my students reach their potential. Thank you for this opportunity.

  5. I would love to have this spelling app, I have few students who struggle with spelling. And I think, this app may help them and encourage them to love spelling. A code for apple (iPad) device, please?

  6. These apps would benefit my students so much! Spelling and sentences are some of their IEP goals and these would be perfect to support that!

  7. I’m a speech pathologist and I work with young children who struggle with literacy skills. This would be wonderful! I use an Apple device :)

  8. I would love to provide students on my speech caseload with these apps to help with their learning at hime

  9. I would love to use this on my iPad for speech therapy. Thanks for all your support!

  10. I would love to have an ipad code for this! I’m a Speech Therapist in malaysia and need my kids to learn their literacy :)

  11. I love teaching my speech students about phonological awareness and could use an app that works on blending sounds to make words.

  12. Hi there. This looks like a great app to help support my K/1st graders working on sight words, phonemic awareness, and sound production during speech therapy. I’d love a copy to help support my students.

  13. I would love a code please, I work with children with diverse needs and we have a very small budget for IT. This would be an awesome asset for our peeps.

    1. Hi Kelly, Sorry, but you did not get a code this time. I tried to email you, but it bounced back. Better luck next time. Also, if you enter a giveaway again can you add a different email. I send promo codes via email. Thanks!!

  14. This would be a great resource for working on speech language and literacy in my special needs population – iPad user

  15. My students will love this! I can use this app to build on their love of letters to support functional vocabulary development.

  16. I work in a specialist school and could really make use of this with a lot of our students.

  17. Hi! I’d love to use this app with the language impaired students whom I support. Ipad app please.

  18. Requesting an app code – homeschooling 2 kiddos with special needs and both are just learning to spell

  19. I would be so happy if I would get a promo code, because I am working with a lot of children with down syndrome and other disabilities who would be glad, to try this app, and I am sure, that their parents are going to buy this app then!

    greetings Romana Malzer AAC consultant

  20. I am a district behaviorist who supports students w special needs. No funding for materials. Greatly appreciate educational apps.

  21. Hi there,
    I participated in both the giveaways but didn’t get a code even though I was one of the first commenters, was it a random drawing? Or maybe something happened?
    Thanks anyway!

    1. As this was a very popular app that was developed primarily for children with special educational needs, I decided to make is a random drawing that was weighted towards the special education community of families and educators. No one received both apps.

      As giveaways become more popular, I am trying to find new ways to make them more equitable. The good news is that as the giveaways become more popular, more developers are interested in offering codes.

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