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[Platform: iOS] Special Sentences helps learners of all abilities learn sentence structure. Created with an emphasis on supporting children with special educational needs, Special Sentences is accessible, simple and distraction-free.

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About Special Sentences

‎Special Sentences
‎Special Sentences
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More about Special Sentences

Support emerging readers by encouraging sentence building and confidence in reading with Special Sentences, an educational tool adaptable to all abilities that allows you to build sentences with whole words.

Create your own sentences tailored to children’s learning needs and adapt curriculum work to suit abilities. Support children to practice their comprehension skills without becoming intimidated by a full page of text. 

Areas of development 
• Develop understanding of sentence structure
• Teach grammar and punctuation 
• Improve sight-word recognition 
• Support children to read fluently 
• Help children to transition from reading words to reading sentences 
• Encourage listening and spoken language

Personalize to Suit Abilities 
• Use your own photographs to provide additional support and personalize learning
• Create sentences with your own text and audio to bring learning to life
• Adapt curriculum work to support all learning needs
• Adjustable settings to suit abilities and concentration levels
• Use at home, school and in speech therapy sessions to support continued learning
• Create sentences in any language your child uses or support children with English as a Second Language 

Share Your Sentences
• Copy content to and from the app on another device
• Exchange topics and sentences using AirDrop, Wi-Fi, cloud storage or email 
• Transfer content to and from our Special Stories app to reinforce learning 
• Import lists of words from our Special Words app to reuse existing recordings

Accessible for All
• Support for those with poor fine motor skills as the app works even if a child accidentally taps more than once or can’t precisely position objects
• Choice of fonts and the use of capital letters to support those with visual impairments and dyslexia
• Perfect to use at home, school, in speech or occupational therapy sessions, and for home schooling to follow the curriculum and enhance learning

Why Our Apps Are Different
• Visually clear and simple, with no distracting backgrounds or noises
• Tested and recommended by Down syndrome and ASD experts and organizations around the world
• No in-app purchases, pop-up ads or user tracking
• Developed in collaboration with parents, speech and language therapist, and teachers of children with special educational needs as well as typically developing children

Part of the Special iApps Family
Special iApps is a multi-award-winning non-profit social enterprise with a worldwide reputation for creating educational apps for those with learning disabilities and additional needs, as well as in preschool education. They initially created apps to teach their youngest son William, who has Down syndrome and autism, now they support children internationally.

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  1. Wow, this app is fantastic! I’d love to use this app to address my students’ syntax goals.

  2. I would love this app to work with my children who are currently homeschooled.

  3. I would love to try Special Sentences! I have a 12 year old daughter with autism, and sequencing sentences has been one of her e-learning work activities. This would be an engaging way to practice!

  4. I would love a code for this! I am a middle school speech pathologist and this would be a great tool with my mod-cog class.

  5. This app looks like it would be super useful for speech/language therapy with my students! I have so much trouble finding engaging and effective ways to work on sentence formulation/syntax.

  6. This app looks like fun for kids with syntax goals. Would love to have an iPad app!

  7. This app looks wonderful. I am a speech therapist in a school for children with disabilities, and I have a son with autism. I would make very good use of this app!!

  8. Hi! I would love to have this special sentence app to use on my clients during our online sessions. It would help them having fun while learning sentence constructions. A code for apple iPad, please? Thanks a lot

  9. I am a speech-language pathologist. I work with children ages 7 – 21 with moderate to severe communication deficits. This app would help my students improve their functional language skills.

  10. Hi! I would like this app to work with my speech kids! I have an Apple device.

  11. I would love Special Sentences as syntax is a therapy goal for a lot of students. I use an iPad.

  12. My students would benefit as this app would support their IEP goal for sentence creation and structure.

  13. I work with children who have significant difficultly with literacy it would be wonderful to have this app! I’m on an Apple device.

  14. I work with children with various delays related to cognition and language…this could be a great tool! Thanks!

  15. I work with kids some who only respond to apps, this would help them develop their sentence structure in an engaging way. I use the iPad. Thanks

  16. This would be perfect for the children with language delays that I would work. Would like a code for my iPad please, thank you.

  17. I would love to use this app in speech therapy. It would be in my iPad. Thanks for all the support!

  18. I would love to have a code for this! I work with children in malaysia (I’m a Speech Therapist) and this would be a great addition to my toolbox. Thank you!

  19. I would like a code because I will be working with special needs kids. I have mostly autistic preK and Kdg kids. Most are non verbal and I need things to work with them.

  20. I am a speech teacher who loves using the iPad to teach my students. I have slot of apps but could really use a good educational/therapeutic app that works on sentence structure and literacy in one app!!!

  21. Not sure if you have any codes left, but I’d love to have this to use with my preK-5th graders for speech therapy to help build language and grammar.

  22. I would like this app to use on my iPad with kiddos in speech therapy.

  23. I’d love a code to use for an iPad. This would be great to use with my special education students for speech and for my LO with ASD.

  24. I am a pediatric speech-language pathologist. I would love a code to download the app to use with my caseload. Thanks!

  25. I’d love to try this app with some of the kids I work with on the autism spectrum and would love a code please. Thanks so much!

  26. I would like to have a code to help special needs children I worked with to learn to make sentences. The app. is exactly what I am looking for. Thank you very much!

  27. Looks like a great resource for syntax + literacy. I’m an SLP using iPad.

  28. This app looks great. One of my most frequently addressed IEP goals in the pre k setting is communication at the phrase or sentence level.

  29. Hi! I’d love to use this app with the language impaired students who I support. Ipad app please.

  30. Wow! This app looks phenomenal. I would love this app for my iPad. I am an SLP and this app would be perfect for my clients with ASD and developmental language disorder! This seems like an app every SLP should have in their toolbox.

  31. Simple sentences is one of our daughters IPM targets, this app would be so useful.

  32. Requesting an app code to download – homeschooling 2 kids with special needs. Both emergent literacy students.

  33. I would be so happy if I would get a promo code, because I am working with a lot of children with down syndrome and other disabilities who would be glad, to try this app, and I am sure, that their parents are going to buy this app then!

    greetings Romana Malzer AAC consultant

  34. I would be so happy if I would get a promo code, because I am working with a lot of children with down syndrome and other disabilities who would be glad, to try this app, and I am sure, that their parents are going to buy this app then!

    greetings Romana Malzer AAC consultant in Austria

  35. I’m a Paediatric Speech Pathologist with a varied caseload. A code for an iPad app would be a great resource for my kiddos

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