Rhyming Word Game Activity (printable pdf)

Based on the rhyming words in Green Eggs and Ham by Dr. Seuss, this activity sheet will help children learn new vocabulary words and help them practice their fine motor skills by cutting out the egg shapes. You can even color the eggs to match colors or patterns too! Created for preschool through first grade, but also for any students learning English or practicing speech.

How to use: Just cut out the eggs by following the dotted lines. Then cut the eggs in half to separate the rhyming words. Then the eggs are ready to match!


  • Coloring activity: Color eggs with your own design or with solid color to practice color matching or beginning color theory.
  • Brighten things up and print on color paper or cardstock
  • Play a rhyming game with friends & family (like snap)
  • Make your own rhymes with the blank eggs

Our printables and coloring pages are free and downloadable as high-quality PDF files. Just save, print, end enjoy!

Printable 1 Word Rhyming Activity

  • cat & bat
  • dog & log
  • eat & feet
  • ring & sing
  • near & here
  • dish & wish
  • gate & late
  • shoe & blue

Printable 2 Word Rhyming Activity

  • red & head
  • white & bite
  • bike & hike
  • toe & go
  • lake & rake
  • day & way
  • call & ball
  • big & dig

Printable 3 Word Rhyming Activity

  • fox & box
  • lock & rock
  • boat & goat
  • tree & see
  • and 4 blank eggs to make your own rhymes!

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