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Peek-a-Zoo Underwater

[Platform: iOS] Toddlers and preschool aged kiddos will love exploring ocean life in this cute peekaboo game app. As a bonus, the animal names are spoken in English, Spanish, French, German, and Italian. Ideal for toddlers, preschool, but also for those interested in learning animal names in other languages.

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About Peek-a-Zoo Underwater

Peekaboo – I see you! 

It’s time to meet adorable new animal friends on our trip to the seaside. With a simple tap of the screen, your child can play peekaboo with snappy crabs, playful sea lions, mysterious sting rays and a giant blue whale. Peek-a-Zoo combines a child’s favorite game with familiar animals they will love.

Guess who’s next
Have fun letting your child guess the animal that will appear or what sound it will make. Play along as they learn the names and sounds of each animal — in up to 5 languages — or let those fingers loose to discover all by themselves.

• 15 farm animals friends exclusively illustrated for Peek-a-Zoo Moo
• 2 modes of play: tour the entire zoo, or choose your favorite animals to play with
• Animal names spoken aloud in English, British English, Spanish, French, German, and Italian
• Fresh soundtrack with authentic animal, narrative, and whimsical sounds
• Designed for little fingers and iPhones and iPads of all sizes