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Zen Studio meditation

[Platform: Android, iOS] Kids can create art and music while they relax with Zen Studio.

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iPhone/iPad and Android

Unlock full app for free for a limited time only for iPhone/iPad. Always check in-app purchase price before unlocking/downloading on any platform.

About Zen Studio

Zen studio is a unique geometric finger painting app designed to help children relax and focus.

It may be the simplest painting app ever published! Tap once for a new canvas, tap again to pick a color, and then draw with your finger. What’s more, a calm, soothing music algorithm accompanies every swipe of a finger making it a very zen experience!

This intuitive drawing tool will allow children to produce an endless number of artistic creations. Children can save each piece of artwork to their own personal gallery to view or edit at any time! 

Recommended Ages 3+

Our fabulous tutorial mode is there to instruct your child if they wish to learn how to create specific creatures and characters with Zen Studio. The app also provides a great opportunity to get your child thinking about space, shape, color, and symmetry in their artwork. Our free printable Parent and Teacher Guide will help grown-ups facilitate these discussions.

FEATURES (in the free version)

-Relax as generative music accompanies your every swipe

-Enjoy 18 free tutorials

-Make your own creations using the grid size of your choice

-Stay Zen with the sleek design and easy navigation

-Print the free Parents and Teachers Handbook

-Create up to 4 drawings

ADDITIONAL FEATURES (in in-App purchase)

-More than 90 tutorials

-White paint

-Save/delete an unlimited number of drawings