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Free App News (4/27/20)

Today- hang out with the adorable Carl, create pixel art, and explore a virtual neighborhood, and more…!

As always, these apps are free for a limited time only and may not be free on all platforms/devices. Please check the app store price before downloading. Enjoy!

Our Pick

Red in Bed

Beautifully illustrated, Red In Bed is a story about the colors of the rainbow and one of them – red – who is feels like staying in bed.

Custom Crayons

by Crayon House

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Sprite Pencil 

Have tons of fun creating pixel art (like Minecraft characters) with Sprite Pencil.

Talking Carl

Talk, Sing and Play with the lovable Carl.

In Free App News, we only feature good quality kids apps that:

  • do not contain ads
  • are free for a limited time only
    (check store price before downloading)
  • rarely contain in-app purchases

Enjoy! (and don’t forget to check the archives for still-free apps!)