Lupa Entertainment

Lupa Entertainment creates the Hip Hop Kangaroo & Friends series of apps, books, and music. Set in Australia, their apps encourage young children to learn through music, singing, and fun! To learn more, visit their WEBSITE. Oceanhouse Media is part of the Tech4Good: Home School Project and has donated approximately $300 in apps.

Hip Hop Kangaroo & Friends apps

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About Hip Hop Kangaroo & Friends

Learn with Hip Hop Kangaroo®, Poppy Platypus® and Kula Koala® as they explore the world around them through fun songs and music videos filmed in Australia.

▸ 12 songs! ▸ Safe for kids! ▸ No ads! ▸ No subscriptions!

Hip Hop Kangaroo & Friends was produced by Lupa Entertainment and a team of qualified teachers and early years educators.

▸ Learn to count up to 10 with Hip Hop Kangaroo® at the zoo!

▸ Learn the English alphabet in 3 different musical styles!

▸ Explore different colors with Poppy Platypus® as she looks around!

▸ Join Kula Koala® up a lighthouse as you explore Kangaroo Island!

▸ See yourself next to each character, as you sing along with them about opposites, fat cats and eating worms!

▸ Control your favorite character and make them talk!

▸ Professionally translated subtitles in multiple languages assist children in their learning of English!

It is a safe and entertaining music-based educational experience for preschool and early years school children which is advertisement-free, subscription-free and requires no personal information to use.

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