Giveaway: Eco friendly pencils with sharpener

This set of 24 eco-friendly pencils is bound to be a treat for kids and adults…and their triangular shape keeps them rolling away. Check them out here: iArtker Long Triangular Drawing Pencils/Colored Pencils in Vase Tubular Package with a Lid Contains a High Quality Sharpener

For a chance to win these pencils, leave a comment. Once we get to 25 comments, we’ll pick a winner. Only 1 entry per person! :)

* you must be on our mailing list and located  in the US to be eligible

We’ve picked a winner. Stay tuned for February’s giveaway!

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  1. Love these colored pencils! And the holder is awesome too. Will be great for on-the-go coloring when I need to knock out stress. Looks like I can put these in my purse and not worry about them breaking.

  2. I love coloring! I need these in my life, such a great set of coloring options!

  3. So now that I’m a grOwn-ass woman, I find that my love of coloring has also grown. Having these would mean EVERYTHING! <3

  4. I would love to win these pencils. I’d share with my 13 yr old son. We both got coloring books for Christmas!

  5. I have never seen this type of colored pencils before! I would love them for myself as well as my in home daycare kiddos! ( I signed up for your mailing list, but have not received the confirmation email yet, I will confirm as soon as I receive it)

  6. Me and my 6 year old daughter would love these! We got cool coloring books for Christmas! Thanks for the chance to win!

  7. My kids and I are both really into art! I could definitely use new colored pencils- and these look fabulous!!

  8. I just got a coloring book and was thinking I need to buy some colored pencils. These look great! Thanks for the fun giveaway. :0)

  9. It would be nice to have my own set of colors. My boys adopted mine and well– try to find my yellow in their toy room…. It is not going to happen. :-( ;-)

  10. These pencils would make a great birthday gift for my granddaughter. She actually has colored pencils on her birthday wishlist.

  11. Would love to try a different pencil like this. Been using the same colored pencils for over 20 yrs. Great give away!! Ty for awesomeness that you pass on to all of us.

  12. These would work wonderful with coloring books I have and color. Would love to have a set..

    1. I need these so bad the regular colored pencils’ can’t keep up with me, We leave a fiery path where ever we go.

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