App Developer Resources

#1 We only feature apps that we recommend

With the children’s app ecosystem so competitive and a severe lack of review websites that work with independent app developers, we offer an an affordable way to promote apps. In addition to the services, listed on the below, we offer social media management services for as little as $100/month.

Why list or promote your app on

  • We have a dedicated following of 1000s of families and educators, including home schoolers, speech-language therapists, special education teachers, tutors, and school districts. (In April 2020, we reached over 170k people on social media and our website.)
  • We have over 6 years experience reviewing children’s apps (led by founder of
  • We are one of the few sites that offer an affordable way for developers to promote their apps (usually the cost of a few app downloads)
  • Promoting your app is as important as building a great app
  • All recommended apps receive an “App Pick” badge that can be used for promotion
  • Again, we only feature apps that we recommend


  •  App Evaluation ($10 per app): Most of the apps we include on the site have a minimum of 4 stars and 10 reviews. If you have a new app that you want to be considered for the site or if your app has few/low ratings, please select this option when submitting your app. This is required if you want to have your site included on the site. (Example: Breathe, Think, Do with Sesame was rated under 4 stars, but we still recommend it. Sometimes reviews are wrong :) )
  • Add to Feature Post ($10 per app): We will add your app to a featured post (e.g., best math apps, best preschool apps)
  •  Enhanced Listing ($10 per app): An enhanced listing gives your app its own page on the site that will be shared to our social media and related parent/ed groups (Example: Dr. Seuss’ Horton Hears a Who
  •   Hosted Giveaway (includes enhanced listing, $50 per app): We will host the giveaway, promote to our social media channels and related parent/ed groups, announce on our newsletter, moderate comments, and select winners.
  •  Facebook/Instagram Boosted Post (includes enhanced listing, $35 per app): We will announce your app on our Facebook page and create a $10 paid boosted post. Interested in larger ad campaign? Contact us.
  •  Newsletter Announcement – Basic (includes enhanced listing, $25 per app): We will include a thumbnail of your app and link to your listing on
  • Newsletter Announcement – Featured (includes enhanced listing, $50 per app) We will include a full-width screenshot at the top of the email newsletter, a short description, and a link to your listing on

Can I submit my app for free? Officially, no. Why not?

  1. We regularly add free apps to the site and have a backlog of apps that we plan on adding to the site, because of this we no longer have a waitlist.
  2. The app business is competitive, designing and launching the app is just the beginning. Simply, app developers need to be commited to their apps – and that includes promotion. We want to work with developers who show a commitment to their apps because we believe that gives them a better chance of succeeding.
  3. Like app developers, we need to build our business in a sustainable way. All free, all the time is not sustainable for app developers or us, which is why we are now featuring paid apps rather than just free.
  4. Why is it unofficial? (part 1): if you have a completely free app (either always free or free for a limited time only), please submit your app.
  5. Why is it unofficial? (part 2): Because of #2. As a fellow entrepreneur, I know that you have to bootstrap as much as possible. And you should do that with all sites, including!