App Submission

Why list or promote your app on

  • We have a dedicated following of 1000s of families and educators, including home schoolers, speech-language therapists, special education teachers, tutors, and school districts. (In April 2020, we reached over 170k people on social media and our website.)
  • We have over 6 years experience reviewing children’s apps
  • We are one of the few sites that offer an affordable way for developers to promote their apps (usually the cost of a few app downloads)
  • We only feature apps that we recommend
  • Promoting your app is as important as building a great app
  • All recommended apps receive an “App Pick” badge that can be used for promotion

Submitting your app for review

  • Again, we only feature apps that we recommend.
  • Except for the evaluation fee, we will refund the submission fee for apps we do not recommend and, therefore, don’t feature on the site.
  • All recommended apps receive a “App Pick” badge that can be used for promotion
  • We usually feature apps that have more than a 4 star rating based on 10+ reviews.
  • For apps with low ratings (under 4 stars) or with less than 5 reviews:
    • Select “App Evaluation” service. Your app will be evaluated for inclusion on the site. This is non-refundable and does not guarantee a listing on the site.

This app submission form is only for:

  1. paid submissions of paid apps
    — or —
  2. free submission of completely free apps
    (either always free or free for a limited time only)

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