Namaste Om Coloring Page

Namaste, the word often said at the end of yoga, has different interpretations. Personally, I like to consider it to mean “the good in me sees the good in you.” However you like to interpret it, I feel that it symbolizes respect for each other. The symbol behind the word, om,represents the sound of the universe and the oneness of everything. Together, namaste and om, are a reminder to focus on the now and realize that we are all part of one universe and to love and respect each other. I hope you find coloring this page as relaxing as I find my yoga practice. Namaste.

This is the latest design the in the new Inspirational Words collection on the site. These style of these modern coloring page quotes are intentionally minimal so that you can embellish them or keep them simple. I think they work especially well for adding zentangle design elements. As always, enjoy!

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