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Best Coding & Programming Apps for Kids

Coding can be hard to learn and often not very engaging for kids (or adults), but this selection of apps helps kids learn how to code in fun and interactive ways.

We’ve selected highly rated coding apps that cater to a range of ages from pre-readers to teens (and adults), with age-based recommendations that you can use as a rough guide. (Many adults new to programing will enjoy some of the game and puzzle based apps, while young, but motivated coders, may enjoy more complex coding apps.) Also, while many apps are available on both Android and Apple devices, they are usually available as web-based programs too. Finally, cost. We’ve included a couple of free apps, but most coding apps are subscription-based (be aware that most auto-renew!) and may seem expensive when compared to other educational apps.

Have we missed one? Let us know. Enjoy!

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Coding can be challenging to learn. This apps offers 100’s of interactive activities that help kids (even pre-readers) to learn to code. Available via website and Apple app. Ages 4-10.


Scratch Jr.

Scratch teaches younger kids to program their own stories and games in the Scratch programming language. Kids can design and program characters to move, dance, and sing and even add their own photos and voices. Designed for kids 5 to 7. Available on both Apple and Android devices. Usually free.

‎Grasshopper: Learn to Code

Developed by Google, this coding app helps kids learn the basics of JavaScript coding. Best for older kids (ages 10 and older). Available for Apple & Android devices. Usually free.

Codecademy Go

Some people may find it difficult to make time for learning new things, like coding. This coding app helps with that as it motivates you to keep up your coding skills “streak” anywhere (app or website) and any time. Available on Apple and android devices. Best for older kids (~ 10 years to adult).

Code Karts – Pre-coding logic

Some kids might find it hard to concentrate when learning new things. This app is an interactive game that can be enjoyable to kids whilst also helping them learn code. It’s “pre-code” design lets even younger kids learn the logic of coding though over 70 games. Perfect for kids preschool aged or older (ages 4 to 12)

Lightbot : Code Hour

Kids learn to code (without realizing it) by solving 20 levels of logic puzzles. Designed for K-12 students (ages 5 to 18), this app makes learning to code easy, fun, & FREE. When your child is ready for more, SpriteBox has additional coding apps: Lightbot Jr. Coding Puzzles, , Lightbot Programming Puzzles, SpriteBox: Code Hour (Java), and SpriteBox Coding (Java).

Sphero Edu

Designed for Sphero robots (available at, this coding app lets you go beyond on-screen prgramming to real world fun. Beginners can get their robot to follow a drawn path, while advanced users can write their own javascript. App available for Apple and Android devices. Best for ages 8+.

SoloLearn: Learn to Code

SoloLearn is a great way to start learning to code, it has the largest collection of free content where you can learn almost any code for free (including web programming, Python, Java, Kotlin, Ruby, Swift, C* and more). Best for older students (ages 12 to adult). Available on Apple and Android (Android app includes ads) .

Coding Games For Kids – Learn To Code With Play

This app brings play time to coding! Kids solve/play 200+ programming games such as fire fighting, playing a dentist, building train tracks, and much more. Designed to be engaging for even young coders. Available for Apple and Android. Best for preschool kids and older (Ages: 4 to 13).

SpriteBox Coding helps kids learn code while exploring different worlds. Designed as an adventure game, SpriteBox Coding covers key programming concepts such as sequencing, parameters, loops, procedures, and basic Swift syntax. Best for kids aged 7+. Available for Apple and Android devices.


Mimo: Learn coding in JavaScript, Python and HTML

Learning code doesn’t always have to be hard and time consuming. With Mimo you can learn how to code easily by using small lessons that can fit into routines (5 minutes a day!)..


Coding can be challenging to learn. This apps offers 100’s of interactive activities that help kids (even pre-readers) to learn to code. Available via website and Apple app. Ages 4-10.

Hopscotch-Programming for kids

Hopscotch not only allows kids to program their own projects (games, apps, animations, etc.), they also become part of the kid coder community. which lets them learn from the millions of other kid-created projects. Designed for kids aged 8-14. Apple app only.

‎CodeSpark Academy: Kids Coding

Designed for young coders, this app takes a no-words approach that helps kids learn through interactivity (puzzles, games, creative projects, and even printables. CodeSpark is designed for children aged 5-9 and available in both Apple and Android apps.

Tynker Coding for Kids

Tynker is one of the top coding apps for kids and comes in 3 different versions: Tynker Jr (ages 5-7), Tynker (ages 7-13), Mod Creator (for Minecraft; ages 7 -13) . While the youngest programmers can use Tynker Jr. to solve fun coding puzzles, older coders can learn how to mod Minecraft and even control robots and drones. Tynker apps are only available for Apple devices. Ages range from 5 to 13+.

About these coding & programming game apps

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