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Best Preschool Apps

Preschool is an exciting time for childhood development, so we are featuring some wonderful apps that help kids learn in a fun, interactive, and effective way.

‎Hungry Caterpillar Play School

This app helps young children improve their mathematics and problem solving skills.

ReadAskChat for Children 0-4

This app helps kids learn to read in a fun and engaging way.

AlphaTots Alphabet

This app helps kids learn their ABCs with 26 different activities.

Another Monster At the End of the Bed

This is a fun interactive book app that helps kids read along with Elmo.

Artie’s World

Artie’s World is an app that teaches kids with an interactive adventure storyline that snaps to life with fun animations and in 16 languages!!

Beck & Bo

Beck and Bo is an app where your kids build scenes and learn new words.

Busy Shapes & Colors

Busy Shapes and Colors is an app for toddlers to learn shapes and colors.

Daniel Tiger’s Day & Night

Daniel Tiger’s Day and Night is a fun app that helps kids learn morning and bedtime routines with fun and engaging interactivity.


Drawnimal is a fun app that helps your kids draw in a unique way and learn the alphabet at the same time.

Dr. Panda & Toto’s Treehouse

This app helps kids learn how to take care of pets as they care for the Toto, a delightful baby turtle.

‎Frosby Learning Games

Frosby Learning Games are fun and interactive preschool apps with 25 different games in the first app and 23 in the second app.

Zoo Train by Busy Bee Studios

Busy Bee is another developer of wonderful preschool apps, we’ve chosen Zoo Train to get you started. For more check out Busy Bee studio’s preschool apps.

Dr. Seuss apps by Oceanhouse Media

It’s not easy to pick just one Dr. Seuss app, so many of them are perfect for preschool! We decided on this one as it’s learning the alphabet is a key part of preschool. For more check out Oceanhose Media’s Dr. Seuss app collection.

Wanderful Interactive

Wanderful Interactive is another publisher that has a fantastic collection of books that are perfect for preschool – and Arthur’s Birthday is a great place to start. For more preschool books, check out Wanderful Collection.

App Guides Apps Geography Quick Picks

Best Geography Apps for Kids

These interactive geography apps make let kids explore the world in a fun, yet educational, way. We have included apps for both Apple and Android devices and for ages toddler to teen. Did we miss an app? Let us know!


Geo Challenge – Quiz Game

Explore the world in with this is very fun quiz game that can heavily improve a student’s knowledge of geography. Available for Apple and Android devices. For ages 6 – 12

‎Stack the Countries

This world geography app is great for kids. Kids learn geography through interactive puzzles and games. Available for Apple and Android devices.

Where is that? Learn Countries, States, & More

If you want to learn different countries, capitals, states, landmarks, this is the app for you. Available for Apple and Android devices. Ages 4 – 13.

GeoBee Challenge

GeoBee is a free geography app developed by National Geographic that is designed to really test geographical knowledge. Designed for grades 4 to 8 (~9 – 13 years old), this is not the typical beginner app! Available for Apple and Android devices.

Mobo Kids Puzzle World

Kids can explore the world with cute animal friends. Stress-free, fun, and interactive, this app is designed for ages 2-6. Apple only.

Questions & Answers: QuizzLand

If you love to do trivias then this is the app for you to expand your trivia knowledge on geography. Apple only. Ages 7 – 14.


‎Geography Drive Arcade

This is a great app for kids to learn about geography in a fun and unique way. For Ages 4 – 12. Available for Apple and Android devices.

Geography Drive USA

This is a fun game that allows kids to learn about U.S. geography in a fun and unique way. Available for Apple and Android devices.

Stack the States

By the same developer as Stack the Countries, this cool geography app is great for kids who want to learn about the United States. Interactive puzzles and games make this a lot of fun! Available for Apple and Android devices.


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