Happy 2021 Gratittude Coloring Calendar

Happy 2021 Gratitude 365 Coloring

Welcome to our Happy 2021 Gratitude Coloring page. It's part year at a glance calendar, part visual gratitude journal, and part coloring page. So, let's put 2020 behind us and focus on the positive in 2021. Simply color each day while thinking about what makes you happy or what you are grateful can be something big or small. Color code…

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Happy 2018 #365 Coloring

Wow, where did 2017 go? This is the second year of our happy 365 calendar, which once again takes advantage of scientific research, plus a lot of common sense about happiness.  The idea is that focusing on what makes you happy and grateful makes you, well, happier and more grateful Here’s an easy, visual way of focusing on at least one positive…

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